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How to Install a TV in Your Bathroom

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If you spend a good deal of time getting ready in the morning you may want to install a television into your bathroom. This allows you to watch programing while you are taking a bath or combing your hair. However, you can't simply place the television on the bathroom counter top. This leave the television open to water damage and can eventually destroy the TV.

Find a good area on the wall away from the shower and up high. This places it away from the most moisture. Place the wall mount for the television in this location.

The wall mount holds the TV up in the air and is drilled to the wall. If you hold the mount against the wall you can trace the holes you need to drill into the wall.

Drill the holes you traced with your power drill. More than likely you are drilling into drywall. Once you have drilled the appropriate depth for the provided screws, insert drywall anchors. These anchors ensure the mount doesn't rip out of the soft drywall.

Hold the TV mount onto the wall while you insert the screws to secure the mount's connection to the wall.

Place the television onto the wall mount and plug the TV into a local power outlet. On the bottom or back, the mount connects to the TV. Insert the screws here to secure the TV to the mount. You are now ready to begin watching television in your bathroom.

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iTony said:

I've been wanting to put a small flat screen tv in the bathroom but mount it inside the wall with plexiglass over the front to keep out moisture.
May 14, 2010
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