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How To: Establish an ANONYMOUS email account (Hotmail).

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How To: Establish an ANONYMOUS email account (Hotmail).

Invasion of privacy has made it impossible to get anybody's honest opinion - unless you can remain anonymous.  But face it, if you follow the directions in setting up an email account, strangers can tell who you are.  This is a method to create an anonymous email account using hotmail (or LIVE) because these services are free.  The principles should work with any email account.

These directions assume you know how to navigate computer menus, this is only ADVICE on how to avoid entering incriminating or personal information where you do not have to.  Remember, it is NOT illegal to call yourself any name you please, it is only illegal to do so for a criminal purpose.  Wishing to remain anonymous is not illegal, yet.

All other text boxes are filled in per directions, you are only watching for the boxes that want personal data.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Go to www.hotmail.com and open the home page.  You are looking on the left hand side for a button called "Sign Up".  Click it to enter the sign-up menu.

2. First thing to do is to find an unused email address.  DO NOT use your name or absolutely any other type of information that reveals your location, age, beliefs, status, race or any item that could be used to identify you.  (Notice, I have used "veryatlantic".  This is an error, but I needed the account anyway.)  You should seek a totally anonymous address.

Hotmail is the great-grand-daddy of free email accounts, so do not be surprised if you have to try for several minutes to find an unused name.  Again, you are avoiding any type of personal information in the email address.

3. In the "Alternate e-mail" box, do NOT enter any other email that you own.  Give an anonymous name like This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or some other nothing name.  Let him get all your junk mail.

4. You are asked to fill in a First Name and Last Name.  These are only text boxes, and there is no law that says you must give your real name, so put these spaces to good use.  How about "Save The Whales"?  A good cause from the 1960s, before Greenpeace went for a dump.

5. Enter useless information in the other personal data boxes.  Below, I give examples that I have encouraged thousands of people to use since 1992, when Internet snoopers found out some users think they are legally required to part with personal information.  (You may not be asked for the full information every time, but here it is.)

i) everybody is from the United States.

ii) everybody is from Washington State.

iii) everybody's zip code is 98039 (same as Bill Gates').

iv) everybody is male.

v) everybody was born December 17, 1985.

vi) everybody's SSN is 567-68-0515 (same as Richard Nixon, the president that made the SSN a requirement to open a bank account, God bless him.)

6. Complete the remaining boxes and click the  "I Accept" button, or whatever is required to complete the process.  Shortly, your new address should receive some welcome junk mail from MicroSoft.

You are done, you now have an email address that does not give any personal information even if it is traced.  The ONLY way to avoid abuse of personal information is to not give it out in the first place.  I know, I worked in computer security for 15 years in the early days.  Keep OFF THE RADAR if you can, even if you don't necessarily have a good reason to do so at this point.  Things change.


This is NOT a secure method of sending anonymous emails, it is a first level defense that prevents address tracers from garnering meta-information from your email account.  Your name never appears, and your alternate email address is phony.  Hint: avoid the "privacy question" option, as you must choose from a list, never a good tactic when striving to remain private.

ALWAYS write down your password for an anonymous account, because you cannot have it sent to your alternate email.  Forget your password, and you are out of luck.

Remember that all you email can be traced by persons with enough authority UNLESS you use an anonymizer service such as Hide My Ass or inet privacy.  Even then, I doubt these services would stand up for your privacy rights if served with a subpoena.

It is best to have an email address that contains no personal information in the first place, and that is what the directions here pertain to.

If, for any reason, your identity is compromised via this anonymous email account, just abandon it (quit using it) and set up another.  After all, you will mostly be using this account for un-official purposes, right?

Source: Tales From The Trailer Court‚ĄĘ .


Disclaimer: veryatlantic‚ĄĘ is a non-technical source for advice and entertainment and is not responsible for any damages under any theory. All posts sacrifice technical accuracy for user-friendliness. If unsure, get help. Please feedback errors for correction.

This article written May 13, 2010.


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