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How to Make A Guardian Angel Survival Kit

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Make this creative gift for a friend. 

Purchase a small gift bag and fill with the items below, along with a label explaining each token.

Guardian Angel Survival Kit

Toothpick - Pick out the good qualities in everyone, including yourself.
Band-aid - To heal hurt feelings.
Gum - Think before you "Chew" others out.
Smiley Face - Because smiling is contagious
Guardian Angel - Because everyone needs one.
Pencil - To write down your days blessings.
Eraser - To remind you always start each day with a clean slate.
Sticky Tape - To tape your lips when you have nothing good to say.
Star - To reflect what you can be.
Sand paper - To smooth out the rough edges.
Glitter - To make things sparkle.
Velcro dot - Help you get a grip on things.
Rubber Band - To stretch you beyond your limits.
Paper clip - To keep things together.
Candle - To light up your path.

You don't need to put exactly what is listed find items that your friend would expect from you.

Apple- For god health.
Fan- To blow your troubles away.
Flower-Because you are one, growing in the garden of life.

You can add a marble for when you lose your marbles

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