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How to Tell When a Man is Living a DOUBLE Life

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Written by Teneya Brown   

Hey there, I'm back. I have been through a lot the past five months that I've been bumped off of here, but that's a good thing because now i have more advice to give to you...LADIES. My boyfriend is a liar, actually x boyfriend. Yea, i dumped his lying, cheating ass. Turns out, he had two sons by his girlfriend that he lied and told me that he did not have. The first day we met, which was 10-22-09, i asked him the most simplest question. "Do you have a girlfriend"? His answer was, the obvious, "No". Satisfied with the first question, i proceeded to the next question. "Do you have any children"? His answer was, again, "No". He asked me if I had a boyfriend and my truthful answer was, "No" and then he asked me if i had any children and my honest answer was, "Yes, i have a son". Now, i was telling the truth the whole time, like women always do, because, we women have no reason to lie about the silliest things, correct? correct. okay, now continuing on, LADIES.

We've been dating now for about two weeks after this, laughing, joking, playing, hanging out at the park and things of that nature, you know really enjoying each other's company. He told me that he has been living with his sister, not too far from where i had been living at the time with my mother and family. He told me he had been staying with his sister and her son until he found a place and that he had been helping her pay the rent because he didn't want to be living off of her and things like that. And i was thinking to myself like maybe this guy is a good guy, help out his sister, spends time with his nephew and what, not. he seem like a good male role model, correct? Incorrect.

Turns out old boy was really living with his girlfriend/baby mama and their two sons. I know this because two months later, after w got into a little fight, his phone had gotten answered by her. She told me EVERYTHING and i told her everything as well. He lied. For what reason? Who the hell knows. Why do men lie when they know they're going to get caught? Simple. They only think about the present and not the future. So instead of being honest with me, he rather involve me in the bullshit relationship, that they have. ughh.

Anyway....i guess it was my bad, for being to trustworthy in a guy who is sexy as hell, 23, and sane. Because that guy is definitely not single.

How to tell if your man is living a double life:

1. He always claim that he is at work, but when you wanna go out, he never has any money

2. He says"I'll always be here for you, just call me" but when you need help or is in distress, he is never reachable

3.He only can have time for you a certain time at a certain day.

4. Takes too long to answer a question that you ask him

5. Make you feel like you cant be trusted.(That's his guilt trying to find an excuse)

6.When you guys fight about something he's done, he always try to flip the script on you and say something, like, "well, i did that, because you did this"

7. When you look through his phone, he either has a security code on it, so you wont look in or if you do, all of his recent calls are full of his male friends or all of his in-boxes and outboxes are erased.

8. He always call you, out of the blue asking you where you are. It's not because he's worried, it's because he doesn't want to run into you while he's out doing what he's doing with the next girl.

9. Whispering on the phone when you call and he does answer the phone or talking to you in codes to you.

10. Looking over his shoulder every fives minutes when he is out in in public with you.

11. Barely takes you out.

12. Hearing kids in his background when you and him are on the phone when he says he has no children.

13. When he tries to break  up with you every other day.

14. Make you think you're crazy or imagining things when you suspect him of cheating.

15. Pick fights with you, just so he can leave and not come back or call you for a whole two days.

16. Hesitant to move in with you.

17.Never bring you around his family

18. on holidays, when he cant see you or try to spend time with you the day after or the day before, that means he's with his real family on that day.

19. When he says he has alot of  female "friends" or "hoes"...hmmm

do i seriously need to keep going LADIES, I'm sure you get the picture. Drop him and move on to the next one. Don't be a fool and learn the hard way, unless you are one of those hardheaded types who loves to find out things the hard way. I wish i had a warning.

                                                      -Reese 5-10-10

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texasparky said:

Love it! Scratch "double"--that man may have even had a triple life! Way to bust him! Nice work.
May 12, 2010
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REESE said:

Thanks, Texasparky!
May 13, 2010
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