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How to File A Complaint Against A Mean And Unfair Professor

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Are you tired of coping with a mean professor? Is he verbally abusive towards you? Is he lowering your grade intentionally? If your answers to these questions are summed up to one big yes then it is time for you to act quickly. Have courage and do the following:

Step 1: Save all the papers he graded and returned to you.

Step 2: Keep tracks of all the mean things he did or said to you.

Step 3: Find his reviews at reviewum.com or ratemyprofessors.com and save the addresses of the pages. The notion is that if he has been mean with you then there is a possibility he did the same to one or two of his previous students, and they should be open about it at those sites. So you need to use those reviews as evidence of his meanness.

Step 4:  Next, write an email to the adviser department of your college asking him the address of the office where you can physically go and file a complaint about an unfair professor. At this point you should not reveal the name of the professor at all. Also remember to write this email in the middle of the semester. If you wait for it to end it will be way too late to do anything about him, and the college might not take your complaint seriously. Back to the email, you should get a reply from an adviser within 24 hours telling you where to notify him. One thing to remember is that if the adviser gives you a den’s address you should write him back saying you want someone outside of the course's department. Actually, some dens do not take complaints seriously. Therefore, the main office is better.

Step 5: Note down the address given by the adviser in his email.

Step 6: Next day, go to the office location and file a complaint against the professor. Be truthful, calm and respectable. When they ask you for the proof of his meanness give them the address of his reviews. You can also show them your papers where he deducted your points. However, if they ask you whether they should forward your name to the professor tell them no. If they ask you why simply reveal that you have fear that if he finds out your name he will give you bad grade in the course.

Step 7:  Last, keep going to the class in normal manner and never reveal to anyone that you complained about the professor. Good thing is that the person who takes the complaint does warn the professor, but keeps the student’s information confidential. So you basically will have nothing to lose, yet see a change in the professor’s behavior.

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