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How to Spot Fake Gucci

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We all love designer brands and hope to get the real thing. Sometimes we may even splurge $800 on a what we believe to be a Gucci handbag bought off the internet. However, you must be careful, the Gucci item that you bought may actually be fake. Many people are very skilled in making replica Gucci items and selling them at regular prices. How upset would you be spending all of that money on a fake Gucci item? I'm guessing, pretty upset. This article will give you some tips on how to spot fake Gucci.

1. If your Gucci item was not bought at the Gucci store or Gucci.com, most likely your item is a fake. If you want an authentic Gucci item, you will always want to purchase directly from them no matter how much money it cost.

There are also some department stores or special retailers that may sell Gucci items. You will want to look on Gucci.com to find all of the department stores or retailers to find a store near you.

If you really want the real item, you wills save your money for it.

2. The logos on your Gucci item should actually be "G's". If it looks like a C or E, and not a perfect G, that should be a red alarm that your item is fake.

3. All Gucci items come with a unique identification card. If you do not see this, your item is a fake. If you do get an identification card, search for grammatical errors. This goes in play for the tag as well. Gucci does not use incorrect spelling.

4. Look at the material. Whether it is a handbag, a watch, jewelry, etc, Gucci makes sure to only use the best material there is (hence, there very expensive price). If you spot some type of cheap fabric such as spandex or a cheap metal on the labeling, then it is a fake. Gucci will only use 100% leather or other quality materials in there items. Also, if it looks like the item is falling apart once you get it, it is not real. Gucci makes sure that everything is bonded or sewn to perfection before even putting it on sale.

If there is no tag, feeling the item may also help you realize it was a fake. I have felt a fake Gucci bag before and the material inside was cardboard.

5. Look for extras. All authentic Gucci items come with something extra. It can be a dust bag, Gucci box, etc. You know that your item is fake if it comes in a plastic bag. Gucci does not sell anything in cheap plastic bags.

6. Compare all seams and stitches to the pictures on the Gucci website. If you see a blue stitching on the website and it is not on the item, it is a knock off.

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