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How to Use Plastic Canvas For Halloween

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Halloween is a great time for adults and children to make plastic canvas projects to decorate the house and to share those decorations with family and friends.  It can be a wonderful opportunity to donate plastic canvas projects to charities.  There are many fund raisers in the fall for a variety of causes and plastic canvas projects make great donations.   For those who are new to plastic canvas, or would like resources to work with their children, I have included a link in the resource section.

Step 1:

Decide what kinds of projects you wish to make for Halloween.  Plastic canvas is good for a variety of projects.  People make coasters, magnets, spooky haunted houses, holiday trains, and an endless list of projects.  Halloween plastic canvas toys and decorations can be great gifts for adults and children.  Some people even make a little cash selling projects. 

Step 2:

Check your yarn and plastic canvas supplies.  Craft stores often have sales and coupons to stock up on necessary supplies.  Yard sales and senior center sales sometimes offer people’s extra plastic canvas and yarn at discounted rates.

Step 3:

Check over your current pattern supply and check out free patterns on the Internet.  I included a link below with free Halloween plastic canvas links to start.  Use a wide range of search terms to collect as many Halloween patterns as possible.  Many searches pull up the name on the pattern, bat, more easily than the generic Halloween.  Do screen for viruses as free patterns are sometimes used as an attraction to get people to click on dangerous links.

Step 4:

Keep a list of what items you have made.  Taking pictures is a good reminder.  When making projects for multiple groups, family members, and friends it can be hard to remember who got the pumpkin and the bat last year.  Sticky notes attached to patterns can help you avoid writing on pattern books, lowering their resale value and provide valuable reminders about any alterations or additions that need to be made to the haunted house or Halloween train before making it again.

Step 5:

Look for patterns to purchase.  There are many Internet sources for purchasing patterns if you cannot find what you are looking for at your local craft store.  Many resale patterns are available and some crafters are designing and selling their own patterns online.  I found a great set of monster patterns recently while searching.  Most of the traditional publishers are still available even if you are not seeing them at your local craft store.


Organization is the best way to maximize your plastic canvas dollars and to complete Halloween crafts.

Utilize the free resources listed below and then expand your search using alternate keywords beyond Halloween.


Do watch out for potential viruses that come from searching online.

Set a budget, craft supplies and books can get expensive.

 Resources:  Free Plastic Canvas Halloween Links

                   Teaching Children Plastic Canvas


 Picture Credit:  http://morguefile.com/archive/display/163111

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