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How To Choose A FIPS 201 Approved Wallet

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If you work for many government agencies you are now required to comply with the Federal Information Processing Standards or FIPS 201 standard. This includes using an RFID blocking wallet or "Electromagnetically opaque sleeve".

Even if you are not a government employee you may want to use an RFID shielding wallet or passport holder since hackers can now clone any card containing that chip from over thirty feet away, as seen in this video: RFID Hackers

The first step to protecting the cards in your wallet is to take a look at the FIPS 201 approved products list. There are not many wallets on the list but quite a few credit card and passport sleeves. A RFID protecting wallet is a better choice since you may have multiple cards containing RFID chips.  Here is the FIPS 201 Approved Products List

DataSafe wallets made by Kena Kai are one of the brands on the FIPS 201 approved products list.

Choose a wallet or passport holder that can hold all of the cards that you own that contain RFID chips. If you are not sure which ones contain a chip, call your credit card company. Any gas card that you can hold up to the pump has one of these chips. All U.S. passports contain RFID chips. Many newer Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards now contain RFID chips.

Keep those cards that contain chips in a protective sleeve or wallet at all times to protect your identity.

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