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How to Write a College Essay On Career Goals

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Writing an essay on career goals can help you in many ways. First of all, it lets you think critically as to how you want to get a hold of your career. Secondly, it creates a smooth roadmap for you to follow in the future. Also you can use the paper as a manual in understanding how to write your personal statement for your masters program.  But how you would write the essay? To know this, follow the instruction.

Step 1: Decide what professional field you would like to join.

Step 2: Pick the ultimate position you want to be in. This must be inside the same professional field.

Step 3: Next, do a research on what requirements are necessary to acquire this position. This should include the degree or certificate and the experience revolving around the first few jobs. If promotion is necessary to get to the position note it down.

Step 4: Time to start writing the essay now. Begin the introduction paragraph by stating your current major and the profession you want to be in. In the same paragraph mention the ultimate position you are interested in. End it by letting your reader know that in the next paragraphs you will discuss how you would achieve each one of them.

Step 5: In the second paragraph, describe the degrees required for the profession. This can include Bachelors and Masters. Additionally, if volunteer job during your academic year is needed in the professions write about it.

Step 6: In the next paragraph, describe the first few jobs you would want to do after your graduation. This must be relevant to your profession. Remember to include at least how many years you would like to be in them.

Step 7: In the fourth paragraph describe the experiences and skills that you would gather in the jobs you mentioned. Also let the reader know why they are necessary for the ultimate position.

Step 8: In the fifth paragraph, write about how you would get to your ultimate position. This can be switching to a new job or getting the promotion.

Step 9: In the conclusion paragraph, summarize everything you wrote in short sentences and then simply state that it is the road map to your career goals.


Never mention that you are undecided about your career goal. You do not want to look confused to your professor after all.

When writing the paper never mention about fear or nervousness you have about your career. Your professor does not have interest in it.

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