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How to Prepare for a Disaster if you are Disabled

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We all may encounter a disaster of some kind in our lifetime. A lot of people won't be prepared for such an event. The disaster could be man-made or a natural disaster. Would you know what to do? Below are some tips for those of you who are disabled and these things should be done before a disaster happens.

Things You Will Need

Supplies for those with disabilities:

Prescription medicines

List of medications along with dosage

List any allergies

Second pair of eyeglasses

Hearing-aid batteries

Back up wheelchair batteries

Extra Oxygen tank

A list of the style & serial number of all medical devices

Copy of Medical insurance and Medicare cards

If hurt, have a list of doctors, relatives or friends to call.

Emergency supply kit

Step 1: 

Get to know your neighbors. Neighbors are a great support network to help you in case of an emergency. Tell these friends where you keep your emergency supplies and emergency kit. Place in your emergency kit along with other supplies a copy of prescription medicines that you take; list of medications along with dosage, list any allergies that you may have. If your medication has been changed for any reason, be sure to update the list in your emergency kit. Give a key to your home or apartment to one friend in your support network.

Step 2:

Call your city or county emergency management office. Why? These local offices keep lists of people who have disabilities. If you move, let them know so that they can locate you in an emergency. This office should check on you to see if you are ok or need to be moved to safety. Show others how to operate your wheelchair. Also know the weight of your wheelchair and let others know if the wheelchair is collapsible. You and the chair may need to be transported at some point during the disaster. Wear your medical alert bracelets to help identify your disability if you are unable to speak due to your disability or if you are unconscious due to an injury.

Step 3:

If you are on dialysis, know the location of other dialysis clinics if your clinic is damaged or closed due to a power outage or the road conditions are not adequate for driving to your clinic.

Step 4:

If you don't have direct deposit, think about getting direct deposit. It is so important because mail service could be disrupted for days or even weeks. If you are relocated you won't be able to get your social security benefits or other compensation checks and you also run the risk of having the check(s) stolen while gone.

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