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How to Do Universal Form 1 in Kung Fu

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Written by sabrina favoriti   

Kung Fu seems to be one of the oldest martial arts forms that there is, in fact it seem that it dates back over five thousand years. Like most martial arts, Kung Fu is based on fighting techniques as well as forms, which are also techniques for fighting and self defense done in more of a chorographical manner.

Universal Form 1 is one of the first that you will learn and it is quite simple, and it has a total of short 18 steps.

Step 1

The first step you make an X with your hands to block your head.

Step 2

Next you will expand your arms out, parallel to the floor.

Step 3

Then you get your hands in straight in front of you together

Step 4

Then you lower your arms by your side

Step 5

At this point you place yourself in left side forward fighting position

Step 6

You jab with your left hand

Step 7

Then you throw a cross with your right hand

Step 8

Then you throw a round house kick with your right leg

Step 9

Next you throw a side kick with your right leg

Step 10

At this point you get on the floor on one knee with your right knee on the floor and you jab with your left

Step 11

From the floor you do a high kick

Step 12

You then block with your left

Step 13

Then block with your right

Step 14

You then get up from the floor And the last four steps you repeat steps one through four

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