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Written by joveren   

Like every one's life,itsHow do we survive in life likes throw curves and straight bulls at us.Best we can do is take it and keep on trucking.
Yelling and screeming and banging your fist againts a wall of life does not work.You need to gain a tough skin and that anger to stand up and get throw all the crap life throws.

It's really not easy to live in this world,as for me lot of times i really want to give up,but i did'nt do that but so many give up and lose hope.Why?I ask...because they cant fight it,and everytime they fight it makes so worse and worse thats why other get suicide coz for them its the only thing they can do to escape on what they been through but thats a big stupid and big mistake,coz our life is not all the time worse, ThereĀ  is just a moment when life is so sweet and amazing,no problem,everything is good and we want it always like that,but its not always happy,coz we can't call it life,if theres no struggle,other people say our life is like a wheel its rolling,and we need to be tough always so that we will win. That moment is the reward for standing up and facing life.

I been throughĀ  in the different experience of my life since when i know in this world,its hard but i am not giving up.Every hard trial's i been through everyday it makes tougher and tougher in me and i learn in life you must be ready to face all that ,its in their the pain,hardship,disappoint,frustration and theres a lot of things you want to own but you can't have it,a people you want to be your's but its not easy to have them,you need to fight in diffrent ways before you have them.

But life is not about owning things but finding the right way to be happy.
Look what inside in your heart is the truth and the path to happy.

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