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How to Save a Cell Phone Dropped in Water

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Even though the price of cell phones has come down due to competition, saving a cell phone from ruin, can save time shopping for another cell phone. Retrieving the same phone number for a new cell phone, may also be time consuming and perhaps impossible with some cell phone companies.

(1) If a cell phone is dropped in water, get it out of the water as soon as possible. Too many seconds in the water can mean total ruin of your cell phone.

(2) Work quickly. Remove the battery cover and take out the cell phone battery. This will turn the cell phone off. Attempting to turn a wet cell phone off by pressing the on off button, may ruin the phone. (Pressing the off button of a wet cell phone, is asking it to do an electronic function, while its electronic parts are wet. It is also likely, the phone will not turn off with the on off button, while it is wet).

(3) After you have removed the battery from the phone, wipe the enterior of the battery department to absorb moisture. A soft tissue is good for this job, if one is available.

(4) Leave the battery and cover off the phone, until the phone has had enough time to dry.Moisture on the window screen is an indication moisture is still inside the phone.

(5) Do not assume there is no moisture in the phone, just because no moisture appears in the phone's display window.

(6) In order to dry a wet phone quickly, for almost immediate use, you can place it in sun light or use a hair dryer. Otherwise, drying time may take several minutes to several hours.

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