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How to Clean Your Remote Control

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Written by Darlene Michaud   

How to Clean Your Remote Control

If you have a remote control that does not work well, and you are sure the batteries are new, it might just need to be cleaned!  I have saved many remote controls by cleaning them.  Remote controls that have numbers that don't work or have buttons that stick will usually work like new after they are cleaned.  So before you throw out your remote control, follow the steps below and try your hand at cleaning your remote control.

Step 1:  Remove the batteries.

Step 2:  Look in the battery compartment for a small screw.

Step 3:  Remove the small screw and put it someplace safe.  You do not want to look for this screw on the floor or the carpet (trust me, you don't!).

Step 4:  After the screw has been removed, slide the top of your remote control completely off.

Step 5:  Lift and remove the number pad.

Step 6:  Wipe the surface under the number pad with a soft, dry cloth.

Step 7:  Wipe the number pad with a damp cloth, or if it is really dirty (like sticky with beer or soda), you can wash the rubber number pad then dry it completely.

Step 8:  Put the number pad back on.

Step 9:  Slide the top of the remote control back on.

Step 10:  Put the tiny screw back in (you didn't lose it, did you?).

Step 11:  Put the batteries back in (it might be a good time to put in new batteries).

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Biznetwoman said:

I really needed to do this! I was a little nervous opening it, but it worked. Lots of dirt in there. lol. Thanks for the advice. 5 *
April 28, 2010
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