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How to Write a Wedding Ceremony Program

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Many couples choose to include a wedding program to assist guests and the wedding party in following along with the ceremony.  This is particularly important when having a service that may not be familiar to all guests you have invited.  A program generally identifies the people, music, and the traditions you will be following in your wedding service.  The order of events are laid out and music is either listed or instructions of how to follow along given.

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Step 1:

Research is useful in designing a wedding program.  One can find them online and at stationary stores.  Often Churches, religious institutions, and other wedding venues have samples for couples to use as models when designing programs.

Step 2:

Know your resources and abilities.  There are companies that will provide you with duplication of your program, covers to add to programs you have created, or will do the entire process for you.  There are free and for cost software available, that can help design a program for you.  Determining what time, effort, and finances one wants to devote to this project will help decide what path to take.  There are some links below with samples.

Step 3:

A simple method that reduces costs is for couples to create their own programs using a free template.  There is a link to a Microsoft one below.  I would suggest taking the finished product to a copy shop and having them make the copies.  It is worth the extra cost to have them folded. It saves time and they look better. You can choose the quality,  style, and price of paper you wish to reproduce them.  Another cost saving measure is to buy wedding program covers and produce the program on cheaper copier paper.  The outside of the program is beautiful, the inside functional.

Step 4:

Writing the wedding program starts by including basic information.  The program identifies the bride and groom by name, as well as the date and location of the ceremony. Most list attendants along with the parents of the bride and groom. Individual families address parental and family issues as needed.

Step 5:

The celebrant and musicians, as well as any soloists performing should be listed by name in the program.  Music should be credited with title and composer.  If readings are included in the service these should be in the program along with the person selected to read.  Anyone else performing a service during the ceremony should also be credited in the program.  Some couples add a thank you at the end of the program along with a message about those not able to attend.  Some include a special poem.

Step 6:

Have a discussion regarding the wedding program with the religious institution if having a marriage in a Church or other religious venue.  Some have specific requests about what should be included in a wedding program.  Confirming these details prior to creating or ordering programs can avoid wasted effort and expenses.

Step 7:

Check copy write issues with a music director if using printed music in a program.  Music directors can give you instructions about what permission they have to reprint for services.

Step 8:

Consider cost when planning a program.  The more that is included, the more it costs to print.


Consider price issues.

Talk with the venue prior to making choices.


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