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How to Protect Your Car with an Iphone

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Written by Isaac&Carmen Gutierrez   

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My sister just bought an Itouch a couple a months ago. An Itouch is an Iphone but without being a phone or the monthly bill also because of the WIFI feature. My sister friend has an Iphone and told her that he can protect his car with his Iphone. WHAT? She could not believe him, so my sister had to investigate the features and the company. It’s made by Viper alarms.

The name of the software is Viper Smart Start. I was amazed about the features that got me thinking lets write an article about Viper Smart Start! We do anything to protect our precious cars.

 First thing you need is an Itouch or an Iphone from Apple Company. It does not work with any other phones so it’s a must to have an Itouch or an Iphone.

 Second you must have a viper alarm system on your vehicle. So it would be compatible with your Itouch or an Iphone.

 Third you have to download the Smart Start Apple app to your Itouch or an Iphone. The app is completely free to download. But the product and installation cost is $499.99 or $299.99 for a car that has already the Viper Alarm. Also there is a service plan for $29.99 per year but the first year is free.

 Now let’s get to the details how it works. The Viper Smart Start creates a virtual keychain control module that can do things like lock and unlock your vehicle, open the trunk, and activate the alarm through your Itouch or an Iphone.

 Now here is what I like the best is that the Smart Start has button on the middle of your Itouch or an Iphone screen. So you can start your car from anywhere you have Edge or a 3G signal. Like, I mention before you can use in a non-cellular coverage with WIFI. It is a great way to protect your car from being stolen.

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