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How To Earn Money When You're A Kid

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This article of money making ideas covers several different ways for kids to make money. And at  first glance it probably seems like there aren't that many ways to make money when you're a kid.  After all you're still to young to hold down a regular job, so besides lawn mowing and babysitting what can you do?

1. Dog Walker:
This is a great job for anyone who loves dogs and believe it or not many people are just so busy that they would love to have someone walk their dog a few times a week. Try putting up some flyers around your neighborhood and don't forget to inquire at your local vets office.  The going rate for dog walkers is approx. $5.00 for a 30 minute walk.

2. Pet Sitter:
Many pet owners would much rather use a pet sitter than have to board their beloved pets. This also works well for people who work long hours and don't have the time to devote to their pets.  A pet sitter can charge anywhere from 10-15 dollars a day.

3. Do Chores:
Kids make money all the time doing this at home, but did you know that people will pay you for helping out around the house? You can do dishes, clean house or do yard work.  Rates may vary depending on where you live but in my neighborhood this usually runs from $5-$10 an hour.

4. Yard Sale:
Having a yard sale is a great way to make quick money, you will need your parents help with this one because you do have to get a permit from the city.  But depending on where you live, it wouldn't be out of line to make $400 plus on a yard sale.

5. Sell Crafts:
Take up a new craft and after you get good at it you can sell it for some quick cash on Etsy or eBay.  You will need your parents help on this one but you never know they just might want  to get in on the action also.  A couple of low cost ideas are making jewelry or bath bombs.  Here's an easy recipe for making bath bomb cupcakes http://www.firehow.com/2010041911899/how-to-make-cupcake-bath-bombs.html


Tips and warnings:

* Be safe and always get your parents advice before starting any kind of a new project. 
* Always remember if something sounds to good to be true then it probably is. 
* Be creative and you just might be surprised at how many ways to make money you will be able to find.

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iTony said:

Great article and it's great when a child can get out of the house and do something or do chores around the house. 5*
April 28, 2010
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veryirie said:

I think it's so important for kids to have the satisfaction of earning their own money. It's a valuable lesson in life that will help build strength in their character.
April 30, 2010
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