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How to Grow Crops Fast in Facebook Farm Town

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Written by Peggy Hazelwood   

It's possible to grow crops fast to earn money and experience points on Facebook Farm Town. All crops, whether you plant them in a field or grow them on trees, earn coins on Facebook Farm Town. Not all crops earn you a lot of money, but there are ways to grow crops fast and still make some money, or as we say on Farm Town, earn some coins.

Step 1.  Log on to Facebook then log into your Farm Town account.

Step 2.  Hire someone to harvest any crops that are ready to be harvested, if you have crops ready in your fields. When you hire another farmer to harvest for you, they earn coins and your crops are put in storage. Later you are able to go to the Marketplace to sell your crops. This is the best way to earn the most coins from your crops.

Step 3.  Hire another Farm Town farmer to plow your fields. If you are able to hire someone to plow, this is also the best way to benefit your farm's bottom line. You need to have at least 10 Farm Town neighbors to hire someone to plow for you.

You also earn 1 experience point for each field another farmer plows for you. They earn 5 coins and 1 experience point. But if you plow your own fields, you have to pay 20 coins. You still earn 1 experience point but it's a better deal to hire another farmer to plow your fields.

Step 4.  Plant raspberry or grape seeds to grow crops fast. Raspberries cost 15 coins to plant, and grapes cost 20 coins. You earn 2 experience points for each field you plant in Farm Town. And these two crops grow the fastest on Farm Town. 

Watch your raspberries and grapes carefully. They will mature in 2 Farm Town hours (raspberries) and 4 Farm Town hours (grapes). It takes that same amount of time for them to go to waste. Be sure you will be at your computer within that time so you earn coins for the crops. 

It's wise to NOT plant these two crops late at night and hope to harvest them the next day. They will go to waste too quickly.

Step 5.  Sell your harvests at the Farm Town Marketplace. For raspberries, you earn 47 coins per field. For grapes, you earn 56 coins per field. These are good mark ups for crops.

Hire another farmer to harvest your crops before they go to waste. Then, hire the same or another farmer to plow your fields.

Step 6.  Repeat the planting, harvesting, and plowing process several times throughout the day to grow crops fast. It is possible to repeat this cycle two or three or four times if you'll be at the computer to stay on top of it.

Although raspberries and grapes don't make a ton of money, the opportunity to make more money is there because they ripen and are ready to harvest so fast.

You'll also gain experience points and earn coins and move up levels fast using this method.

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ShirleyP said:

Wow.....if only I could do this kind of farming in my backyard! Sigh..oh, to earn points as someone else grows and harvests my crops for me. :-)
April 24, 2010
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kiralynn said:

Great article! I'm addicted to Facebook and well I'm usually doing farm ville or farm town, now if this stuff would grow just like the previous person we'd be set lol. I've Rated you 5!
April 26, 2010
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djeff37 said:

Though not big on gaming on Facebook, your described approach to Farm Town is written very well. 5*
December 19, 2010
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