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How to Make a Sprite Wine Cooler

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Written by Darlene Michaud   

How to Make a Sprite Wine Cooler

If you like wine coolers, you will love making your own Sprite wine cooler. Not only is a sprite wine cooler delicious, but you will save money by making your own wine cooler. You can also save even more money by buying your store brand of Sprite. It does not have to be the real thing.  Any lemon lime flavored soda will work just fine.

Ingredient List:
Your favorite white wine (pink wine or blush wine is good too)
Sprite or store brand lemon lime soda
Crushed ice or ice cubes
Maraschino cherry (optional)

Step 1:  Add some crushed ice or one or two ice cubes to a wine glass.

Step 2:  Fill the wine glass about 3/4 full of wine.

Step 3:  Fill to the top with Sprite.

Step 4:  Add a maraschino cherry if you like.

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Don't need the cherry. LOL
April 19, 2010
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