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How to Keep Bugs Out of a Pet's Food Dish

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If you feed your pet outside or on the porch, you may be a pet owner who is constantly dealing with ants, silverfish, sow bugs or beetles climbing into the pet's food dish. Even slugs find pet food very sumptuous and there is nothing more disgusting or unhealthy than finding last night's morsels covered with the insect kingdom.

This is especially true in warmer weather, when ants and other bugs are out and about, looking for that tasty treat. Most insects can crawl up the side of any pet food dish, and trying to figure out ways to keep them out is a challenge.

The steps below will help you keep your pet food free of crawling insects.

1. Locate a flat dish with sides, such as a pie plate or flat cake pan which is larger than the pet's food dish and which leaves about 2" between the pet food dish and the side of the flat dish when placed inside.

2. Place the flat dish where you normally feed your pet and fill it to about half with water.

3. Put the pet's food dish inside the flat dish, making sure the water does not overflow.

4. Change the water daily, as your pet may drink from it.

5. Purchase dishes for this purpose if you do not have a dish or pan to make this arrangement attractive if you wish.

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life-is-sweet said:

You made the front page? Congrats! And great article!
April 17, 2010
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ShirleyP said:

A new idea for me! Thanks for the info!
April 22, 2010
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