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How to Kill Ticks On Your Dog Without Deadly Pet Pesticides

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Written by Marie Thomas   

Like most dog and cat owners, we were relieved when flea collars seemed to be the answer to the problems of biting insects. Until we found out that by using them we had exposed our precious dogs and cats to neurotoxins that made them blink and twitch and get itchy skin, and sometimes, sicken and die. Even the EPA has issued danger warnings about their effects on pets:

When the chemical "spot-on flea killers" were released, it got our hopes up again. Surely these were the answer - products of the latest technology to kill fleas and ticks and they were tested! They must be safe. When we tried those, the cost was prohibitive, and the chemicals were similar with even more advanced neurotoxins than in flea collars--and these chemicals sickened and killed more dogs and cats.

Natural products like pyrethrin in pet flea collars were supposed to work, but they usually didn't. The answers were just never good enough to address the problem - until a company in Texas was asked to develop an insect repellent to protect our Troops in the Middle East from sand fleas - and they developed it from something natural - Texas Red Cedar oil - AND it outperformed all the specs - especially for the safety of our soldiers and their service dogs.

army dog

Unlike spot-on insecticides that burn the skin of man and animal, this has a base of soothing Cedar oil, so it can be used directly on skin and clothing, and under heavy clothes and uniforms and on Army dogs in hot climates without causing burning and skin eruptions like DEET.  It produces no harmful fumes and can safely be used in indoor areas, on floors, walls, and rugs. And it can effectively be used safely on pets here at  home instead of "spot-on flea and tick killers" like Advantage for use on dogs and cats without the neurotoxic side effects.

And as a natural oil, Cedar deodorizes as well - dissipating better than strong chlorine bleach cleaners after a few hours into a refreshing clear Cedar aroma.

Step 1

Use Cedar oil to treat floors, corners, and walls to rid an area of bed bugs, ticks, and fleas, and keep mosquitoes and biting insects at bay.

Step 2

Use Cedar oil safely on bare skin to kill insects instead of dangerous chemicals like DEET, which irritates skin and burns if used on skin under clothing. Cedar oil does not cause burning or inflammation when placed directly on the skin while actually soothing bites and irritations and effectively repelling biting insects.

Step 3

Use Cedar oil on pets instead of expensive "spot-on flea killers" that are designed to have neuro-toxic effects on bugs, and can even result in the death of cats and dogs when applied often enough to kill fleas and ticks.

Step 4

Prevent fleas on yourself and your animals by treating your home both indoors and out with natural cedar oil. This best yet green flea-fighter is effective ecologically to kill most biting bugs on contact (fleas and ticks are pheromone seeking bugs which cedar oil kills on contact or if they inhale it) making the house a flea-free haven for family members and pets. It dries greaseless on surfaces and continues to repel or kill biting insects. If a Cedar oil-treated area gets wet, the rain or moisture  revives its effectiveness against bugs.

Step 5

Cedarcide powder also comes in small cloth bags and can be dusted on humans or pets like flea powder, until a light pink powder remains. Better and safer than flea powder for pets, it doesn't stain clothes and safely works against flies, fleas, ticks, chiggers, no-see-um's, and mosquitoes on children, pets, and even plants.

Tips & Warnings

The Red Cedar oil developed for the Armed Services is called cedarcide oil.

For immediate insect control outdoors, spray cedar oil and ethyl lactate formula on your lawn with a garden hose applicator or a sprinkler.

It is ecologically safe and has no harmful effect on beneficial insects, humans, pets, frogs, toads, or wild animals. The resulting cedar odor acts as a barrier to biting insects, scorpions, and even snakes.

It is considered a minimum risk pesticide and requires no gloves or applicator's license to apply. As with any spray operation, use normal safety measures.

If you wouldn't take chemotherapy to kill mosquitoes that bite you, don't put neurotoxins like Frontline and Advantage on your loved cats and dogs to kill fleas that bite them.  It severely damages their livers and immune systems.

Eventually, a pet's weak health can attract Columbella mites that will then get on you.


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