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How to Eat With No Money

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Written by Jonni Banana   

How to Eat With No Money. How to eat with no money, or very little money, if you're on a budget, can take some very creative thinking to keep your stomach full. Luckily there are some ways you can eat with no money or little money and still keep your stomach satisfied.

Apply for food stamps, or go to your local church or food pantry, or local assistance program. Often, they will arrange for you to eat with no money charged.

Ask people you know for help. Relatives or friends will often allow you to sit in a meal or on several meals for free, allowing you to eat with no money.

Apply for a job as a restaurant worker. Often, restaurant workers are allowed to take 'extra' food home for no money.

If you truly have any money to eat, but have very little rather than eating with no money, buy starchy foods. The notoriously cheap Ramen noodles, and even potatoes, rice, and bread, are some of the cheapest foods to be found at the grocery store, also being very filling while trying to eat with little or no money.

Visit the grocery store, or local mall, where they're giving out free samples of food products. If you can manage not to be noticed, then you can eat with no money by taking several samples.

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