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How to Transform Arizona Tea Bottles into Art

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Written by jswana   

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My colorful vase by Jolante


Have you ever really looked at an Arizona Iced Tea Bottle?  They are simple, symmetric and can be shaped into something pretty.  Arizona Iced Tea in Diet or Sweetened is one of the few beverages left with containers that are made of glass. This will be your canvas.


If you drink or know someone who drinks Arizona Iced Tea, you're in business. You find them in you major pharmacies, grocery stores, mini marts, etc.  In my town the major pharmacies sometimes put them on sale 2/$1.00.  This is a very low-cost investment to start a craft.


At the very bottom of the bottle, start removing the commercial covering if you drink the diet because that bottle's covering is plastic.  You can also make a vertical cut carefully and just tear it off up to the neck, which is paper and should be soaked in warm water until removable.  The sweetened tea's bottle is covered in paper, so just soak it in sudsy, warm water until label is loosened and ready for removal. You can also help remove the paper by 'scouring' with an S.O.S. pad.  Make sure that bottle is free of all glue residue and remnants of paper.


Visit or call your favorite Art Supply store and ask for glass paint.  One good glass  paint is Delta Permenamel.  It is good for mostly artistic purposes such as a painted glass bottles or a painted vase to occupy a counter or shelf.  It withstands only moderate washing and does not require 'baking'.  Another good paint is Liquitex Glossies which can be baked.  The baked method is more for dishes that will require gentle washing more frequently.


The Arizona Iced Tea bottle is just a jumping off point.  Since it is attractive but the glass is of just average quality, your paint should be opaque.  If you have the more refined glass, it would be prettier to have a more transparent paint to decorate  flowers or any design that you like.  Either way, the investment is not bad to create an artistic item that is yours or as a gift, uniquely created by you. Enjoy!

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donata said:

Hey, How creative! I like these tips for transforming Arizona tea bottles into art...love your illustration and easy to follow instructions also. Thanks for sharing your ideas. 5*****
April 15, 2010
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tracysmith159 said:

What a great way to recycle Arizona tea bottle and decorate your house. These can make a great vase to put wonderful flowers in.
April 15, 2010
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
This is a great project. You should promote it more.
April 25, 2010
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Joan Haines said:

Joan Haines
Glass painting is a fine way to express creativity and make thoughtful, personal gifts.
May 15, 2010
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Margie Lynn said:

Margie Lynn
This is a really neat project. I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing.
July 02, 2010
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knittingscribe said:

great crafting trick for painting Arizona tea bottles, terrific idea
August 05, 2010
Votes: +1

djeff37 said:

very interesting and clever works of art.
December 24, 2010
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Susan Golis said:

Susan Golis
I love this idea, and have some bottles too...they would make such nice bud vases...sharing on twitter...:)
January 28, 2013
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