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How To Look Prettier Than You Are.

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It is no secret to look prettierHow to look even prettier than you are is not a secret.  To look as prettier than you are use make up and learn to apply it skillfully. 

Apply moisturizer and then a liquid base.  Make sure that it is blended well into the neck area.  This is the secret to an even looking face and natural look. 

Powder lightly, feathering the powder on and then re-power again.

Powder the eyelids and the apply eye shadow lightly.  Use a moon shape from one corner of the eye to the other.  For a softer touch, powder over the shadow again.

A little powder on the lashes over the first application of mascara will make lashes look thicker once you have applied a second coat. 

Use a pencil, black or brown, to line the upper eyelid and start the line one third to halfway out from the inner tip of the eye.  Fill in from nose to the start of the line with white shadow for a wide-eyed look.  Keep any line on the lower lid very light and soften it with your fingertip. 

Even if your hair is dark, use light brown eye brow pencil.  Fill in the brows with feathery strokes; keep brows free of powder and oil so the line stays soft and natural looking. 

If you do not like blush, blend instead a little darker color foundation over the cheeks. 

For a soft mouth, try a light shade of lipstick.  After applying it, blot off excess and coat lips with gloss. 

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sabrinacareer1 said:

April 22, 2010
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jswana said:

It works for many women. Thanks for this nice look at looking prettier than we are.
June 07, 2010
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