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How to Soften Stool

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Written by Jonni Banana   

How to soften stool, or soften your stools to make going to the bathroom easier. Hard stools can be a real problem - they can tear up your anal tract, causing you to bleed, and in extreme cases may have to be flushed out via an enema. Here's how to soften stool, or quickly soften your stools to make it easier to go.

First, to soften stool, try one of the many products available over the counter to soften stool, such as fiber products like metamucil, fibercon, or flax-seed tablets, or laxitive products, which are a quick over the counter remedy to soften stool. Alternatively, take a teaspoon full of cream of tartar in an eight ounce glass every morning to soften stool and make them more watery until the hard stool or constipation problem has stopped.

Next, to soften stool, use a suppository or enema if the hard stool problem has gotten very serious. A suppository, which can be slipped easily into the anus to help to loosen stools, is a common solution to soften stools, and is easy and painless.

Finally, to soften stool, change your diet to one that is stool-friendly. If your stools seem too hard, then increase your intake of water, which helps digestion, and include more whole grain fiber such as bread and pastas, and natural fruit fiber in your diet to soften stools, and avoid foods which are binding, such as bananas.

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