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How to Unfreeze Ipod Nano

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How to unfreeze Ipod Nano, unfreeze a stuck ipod nano that's frozen on you. Unfreezing a stuck Ipod, whatever the cause, is a simple case of performing some basic Ipod controls. Here's how to unfreeze an Ipod Nano, if your Apple music player has unfortunately frozen.

First, to unfreeze an Ipod Nano, don't try clicking more buttons furiously until it unfreezes, or irrational behaviors such as hitting the Ipod Nano. Yes, it's frustrating that your Ipod Nano has frozen and your favorite ipod tunes are locked inside of it, but getting mad at the Ipod Nano won't help.

Next, to unfreeze an Ipod Nano, store the Ipod Nano out of site until the battery runs out - usually overnight. Storing your frozen Ipod Nano away will help you calm down and forget about the situation for a while, and is also one of the best ways I've seen to unfreeze an Ipod Nano.

The final step unfreeze Ipod Nano is to check the Ipod Nano after a few hours to make sure the battery has run out. Once the Ipod Nano battery has died, plug the Ipod Nano into your computer or wall charger to recharge the Ipod Nano, and make sure the clickwheel and music is functioning properly. You now have an unfrozen Ipod Nano.

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