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How to Keep Cookies Moist For Longer

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Written by Jonni Banana   

How to keep Cookies Moist for Longer, after you've baked them. Here are a few helpful ideas to keep your cookies moist.

Don't over cook your cookies. Follow the baking time exactly. Under cooking your cookies will keep your cookies moist for longer versus over doing them.

Add water, or butter, if your pre-cooked dough is looking a little dry. If it looks like it will come out too dry in the end, it probably will not be beneficial to keeping your cookies moist.

Purchase a good locking set of food preserving containers, such as glad or Tupperware to keep your cookies moist for the longest time possible, and be sure to expose the cookies to as little air as possible to keep them moist.

Add a regular slice of bread to a tightly fitting container with your cookies after baking. The bread will lose moisture, and your cookies will gain.

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