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How to Remove Pictures from a Memory Card

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If you're not much of a tech person and still have a thousand pictures on your memory simply because you don't know how to get them off, we're going to go through this and try to organize your picture collection at the same time.

** The Memory Card **

1. Identify what type of memory card you have. Some are normal size like an SD card in your digital camera. In many cellphones in a MicroSD card. These won't fit into a standard 9 in 1 memory card reader and will need an adapter to do such. These can be bought individually for each card or you can buy on USB plug in device that has spots for these smaller memory cards.

** Viewing the  Photos on Your Memory Card **

1. Plug your memory card into your computer or into a USB memory card reader.

2.  a.You should get a dialogue box pop up asking you what you want to do with the media. If this happens, select 'View Files'.
b. If you don't get the dialogue box the go to Start Menu > My Computer > and Double click your memory card under 'Devices with Removable Storage', if it's an SD Card it will say SD

3. Once you have it open, you'll probably see a folder called 'DCIM' , this is short for Digital Camera Images. You'll probably see 2 more folders inside this folder. Select the top one and you should start to see your images coming up.

4. Change the icon view to 'Large Icons', in the upper left hand corner you'll see a button called 'Views' click it until the files are large enough for you to clearly see what each picture is.

** Getting the Photos off the Memory Card **

Leave the folder open so you can still view all the photos

1. Minimize all windows so that it's just the desktop.

2. Right click on the screen and select New > Folder. Name this folder so you'll remember what's inside it.

3. Double click and open your new folder. Move it to one side of your screen. Maximize the DCIM folder so you can see all your photos. Press CTRL + A ( this will highlight all the pictures) then press CTRL+C (this will copy all). Click back onto your DCIM folder and press CTRL+V (this will paste a duplicate of your pictures into your new folder)

4. If you want to get all the pictures off your memory card and clear up some space simply click CTRL + A again and then click delete. You have a copy of all these photos now on your computer so you won't need to have them all taking up room on your memory card.

5. Go to your picture folder you created and delete any bad photos that you don't want. It's a lot easier to do it here than on the camera itself.

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