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How to Make Filipino Katuray Flower Salad

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Katuray (Sesbania Grandiflora or agati) is a white and velvety flower that could be eaten as vegetable dish and salad. The tree is said to have originated from India and Southeast Asia. It is an ingredient to many recipes in counties in Asia such Laos, Thailand, Java in Indonesia and the Philippines. Although it grows almost anywhere in the Philippines, only Ilocanos are most fond of it. It does not have an aroma while it is raw but is slightly bitter and sweet when eaten.

In Thailand, they call the flower “dok khae” and is used in Thai cuisine especially in curry or eaten raw. The young bean pods and leaves are also eaten. In india, the leaves of the Katuray are sometimes added to a popular coconut gravy called sodhi.

Katuray flowers hang from the branches of their tree like a half moon and are plucked before its buds fully open. The tree that grows three to five meters, thrives in full exposure to sunshine, however it is extremely sensitive to frost.


100 grams katuray flowers

2 cups water

1 medium size purple onion, minced

1 medium size white onion, minced

2 large tomatoes, sliced thinly

2-3 tablespoons of bagoong or fish paste as dressing


Cleaning the Katuray flowers:

1. Remove the remaining stalk that connects to the crown.

2. Break the crown in two and remove the hard strand at the core of the flower

3. Rinse with running water

4. Set aside (do not remove the crown)

Cooking the Katuray flowers:

1. Blanch the katuray flowers in two cups of water. Do not over cook.

2. Drain water from the cooked flowers and squeeze out the remaining fluid (just enough to remove a little of its bitter juice)

3. As the flowers has shriveled, loosen them in a salad bowl.

4. Cool it off and set aside.

Making the Dressing:

1. On a separate bowl, mix the purple and white onions and tomatoes

2. Add bagoong. 

Serving Options

1. Serve the blanched katuray flowers and dressing separately

2. Serve katulay flower salad after the blanched katuray flowers are tossed with the bagoong dressing.

Serve With Rice:

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