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How to become an assessor in Michigan

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Intro: If you want to become an assessor in the state of Michigan you will need to study and pass a certificate examination or completing the required college curriculum. The state of Michigan is currently going through a transition in which a new process for becoming a certified assessor is being developed.

Currently individuals can obtain a Limited Michigan Certified Assessing Officer certificate or go to school to become a Level 3 Assessor.

Limited Michigan Certified Assessing Officer Certificate

Step 1: Contact the State Tax Commission at 517-373-8320 to inquire about obtaining a Limited Michigan Certified Assessing Officer certificate.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment to take examination to obtain the certificate.

Step 3: Study for the examination by reviewing the Assessor's Training Manual volume's I and II.

Step 4: Take the examination on the day that you scheduled in Step 1.

Level 3 Assessor

Step 1: Review the Level 3 Assessor Certification Information Packet (see Resources).

Step 2: Enroll in a local community college and complete the Level 3 Assessor curriculum. The curriculum consists 10 classes and 180 classroom hours.

Step 3: Gain two years of experience if the field of assessment administration. This includes activities such as property appraisal and evaluation.

Step 4: Submit a level 3 experience qualifications application with all of the supporting documentation that is required to the State Tax Commission.


Experience qualifications will be approved by the State Tax Commission.


The Level 1 and Level 2 assessor programs in Michigan have been suspended and is currently working on an new process for assessor certification.


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Level 3 Information Packet - http://www.michigan.gov/documents/treasury/Level_3_Information_Packet_305252_7.pdf

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