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How to Make Magazine Beads

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Written by Janis Bennett   

Making magazine beads is a fun craft for just about any age and a great way to recycle old magazines. With the help of an adult, children as young as 4 would enjoy this, especially girls. Use the beads to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Or use them for scrapbooking and other crafts, the options are endless.

You will need the following:

Old magazine pages
Glue that dries invisible
Tooth picks
Thin elastic thread
Additional small beads, optional

Step 1:  Choose a page out of a magazine. Look at the colors on the pages to get an idea of the colors that will appear on the finished bead. Tear the page completely out from the binding of the book, trying to keep that edge as straight as possible.

Step 2:  Flip the magazine page so that the side you want to be visible on your bead is facing down. Line the ruler up along side the long edge of the page. Using the ruler and pencil, make a horizontal line at every 1/4 of an inch. This will be the total width of your bead. You can adjust this measurement to make bigger or smaller beads.

Step 3:  Repeat this on the other size of the page. So you will now have a magazine page with little horizontal lines going down each long edge.

Step 4:  Line up one side of the ruler on the first line on the left side of the page. The other side of the ruler will go diagonally up to the top corner edge of the paper. Make a line with the pencil connecting the measured line to the top corner of the page. You will have a very small, skinny triangle.

Step 5:  Now, move the left side of the ruler down to the second tick mark, draw another line. This will create another long, skinny triangle.

Step 6:  Move the Right side of the ruler down to the first tick mark and draw a line.

Step 7:  Repeat Steps 4 - 6 until you reach the bottom of the page. You should have a bunch of diagonal lines going down the page.

Step 8:  Using the scissors, cut on the lines. You will now have long, skinny triangle shaped pieces of magazine.

Step 9:  Pick up a toothpick and hold it horizontally. Take one piece of cut magazine, and place the very end of the longest side of the strip right in the middle of the toothpick. Make sure the correct side, the colors you want to see, is facing away from the toothpick. The pencil marked side will be facing toward the toothpick, which will be hidden when rolled up.

Step 10:  Put some clear drying glue on your finger.

Step 11:  Start wrapping the magazine page piece around the toothpick. After the first the first wrap, place a small amount of glue onto the paper to hold it secure. Keep wrapping, so that as the piece of paper gets thinner, it stays in the middle. You will start to see the bead take shape and the colors appear.  The bead will be thinner at the ends and thicker in the middle. Once you get to the pointy end of the paper, put more glue on it and wipe the glue over the entire outside of the bead.  But, don't use too much glue to make the bead wet, but just enough so that all the edges will stick.

Step 12:  While letting the first bead dry, make another.  After about 10 minutes, slide the magazine bead off of the toothpick. Set aside to complete drying.

Step 13:  Make as many beads as you'd like, depending on your project

Step 14:  Once all your beads are dry, string them onto the elastic thread. You may alternate the magazine beads with other beads and / or charms for a fun look.  When the desired length is reached, tie a knot and cut the thread.


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DeannaLS said:

Great article. This sounds like fun. :)
April 13, 2010
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Lynsuz said:

Making magazine beads is a very inventive idea. Great way to recycle those old mags. Tx
April 25, 2010
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