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How to Flavor Hot Air Popcorn

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Written by Darlene Michaud   

How to Flavor Hot Air Popcorn




Making popcorn with a hot air popper is so much cheaper than microwave popcorn and it's fun to watch it pop! But after it pops you are left with a big bowl of popcorn that is about as tasty as cardboard. Sure, you can add a stick of melted butter but who needs all those calories? I have a much better solution. It's fun, easy, and cheap. And you can get the kids involved!

What you need:
Hot Air Popper
Butter Spray
Butter Sprinkles
Other Flavor Sprinkles

Step 1:  Start popping your popcorn in your hot air popper.

Step 2:  Hold a can of butter flavored spray in your hand. You can use Pam non-stick cooking spray or any store brand (I always use whatever is cheapest).

Step 3:  As the popcorn starts to fall into the bowl give it a few quick squirts of butter flavored spray.

Step 4:  Keep spraying as the popcorn pops and turn the bowl as necessary until all the popcorn is popped and all the popcorn is sprayed. The butter spray not only adds flavor but it will also make the sprinkles stick to the popcorn.

Step 5:  Shake on some butter flavored sprinkles like Butter Buds (near the spices or near the popcorn). Sprinkle lightly all over the popcorn and shake the bowl a bit. You can also add other flavor sprinkles like cheese, garlic, ranch, etc. They are all so delicious! American cheese sprinkles are awesome too. You can also use grated Parmesan cheese or other grated cheese blends.

Step 6:  And add a bit of salt to taste if you like. If you are into sweet kettle corn you can even add a bit of sugar!

Step 7:  Eat what you can and store any leftovers in a plastic bags or any covered plastic container. Having popped popcorn on hand makes a great quick snack!

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