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How to Use Future Floor Wax on Polymer Clay

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Johnson's Future Floor Wax is a great product for finishing polymer clay, clear parts in modeling and other crafts. Future Floor Wax will allow you to achieve a high level of shine on your crafts. Future Floor Wax can also help even out any scuffing on your polymer clay jewelry, airplane model and other plastic crafts.

Future Floor Wax can also serve as a protective coat to contain fumes from certain glues used when crafting. This tutorial will explain how to use Future Floor Wax to finish polymer clay jewelry, clear plastic in airplane models and other crafts.

Things You'll Need: Paint brush, Jar Hemostat or tweezers, Small plastic container, Future Floor Wax

Step 1: Pour the Future Floor Wax into a small glass or plastic container. The container should be deep enough and should have enough Future Floor Wax so that you can completely submerge the item you want to coat with Future Floor Wax.

Step 2: Dip the polymer clay or craft piece into the Future Floor Wax using a hemostat or tweezers.

Step 3: Remove the craft piece from the Future Floor Wax bath. Shake off the excess Future Floor Wax while holding the craft or jewelry piece over the container.

Step 4: Use a clean, dry paint brush to be sure the wax is applied evenly.

Step 5: Set the piece coated with Future Floor Wax aside to dry. Depending on atmospheric conditions it can take between two hours and over night.

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