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How to Make Wire Wrapped Rings

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Rings are a great fashion accessory. You can make a variety of wire wrapped rings with only a few tools and materials. This tutorial will explain how to make wire wrapped rings to jazz up any outfit, give as a gift or sell and make a little extra cash.

Things You'll Need: Ring mandrel, Wire Bead(s), Raw hide hammer or plastic mallet, Tumbler (optional)

Step 1: Assemble your jewelry making supplies. Select the type of metal wire and beads you want to use for your wire wrapped rings.

Step 2: Measure your finger or the finger of the person for whom you would like to make the ring. If you do not have a ring sizer, then you can use a ring that fits well and slide the ring onto the ring mandrel to measure ring size.

Step 3 : Slide the bead that you want to be the focal of your wire wrapped ring onto the wire.

Step 4: Take the wire and wrap it around the ring mandrel the number of times you want for your wire wrapped ring. Fit the wire through the bead as you wrap each time. In our example, we show rings with one, two and three wraps.

sizing a wire ringStep 5: Check the ring as you work to be sure you are sizing the ring correctly.

Step 6: Be sure that the end wires end near the bead. Tuck the ends under the bead and trim any excess or bend the ends up to hold the bead so that they look like prongs. If you chose to use the prong method for your wire wrapped rings, then be sure to file the prong tips with a cup burr or needle file so that they are not sharp.

Step 7: Harden the wire of your wire wrapped rings by hitting the wire with a raw hide hammer or plastic mallet. You can also throw the wire wrapped rings into a tumbler with stainless steel shot to burnish and harden the wire so the wire wrapped rings hold their shape.

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