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How to Make a Blue Metal Patina on Copper
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blue metal patina


You can turn copper a lovely blue by adding a chemical patina. This tutorial will explain how make a blue metal patina by using ammonia on copper.

Things You'll Need: Jar with tight sealing lid, ammonia, kitty litter or cotton balls (optional), wire or string

Step 1: To make a blue metal patina, gather some dry, clean paper towels or kitty litter and dampen it with a touch of ammonia. Be sure the material is damp, but not wet.

Step 2: Place the ammonia dampened paper towels or kitty litter in an air tight container. We use a large glass jar with a screw top.

making blue metal patinaStep 3: To begin the chemical metal patina, bury the copper jewelry piece in the damp material. Secure the container so that it is air tight. Leave the copper art jewelry in the metal patina mixture over night. If your jewelry piece is not blue enough, allow the piece to sit in the metal patina mixture until you are pleased with the results.

hanging jewerly in a jarStep 4: If you do not have paper towels or kitty litter available, hang the jewelry piece in an airtight container with a small amount of ammonia in the bottom of the jar, hang the piece and seal the jar.

Step 5: To add intensity to the metal patina, spray the jewelry or craft piece with a thin, light, even mist of ammonia using a spray bottle. Leave the piece in the metal patina container overnight. If you want more color, add fresh ammonia from time to time.

Step 6: Coax additional color by lightly sprinkling salt on the piece, using either of the above methods but be very careful as too much salt for too long will cause deep pitting in your jewelry or craft piece.

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