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How to fix a Squeaky Rocking Chair

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Written by Bill Hanks   

I am sure that we have all sat in a squeaky chair or rocking chair. However, how many of us have ever repaired those squeaky chairs? Sometimes the squeak is a lose floor board. There are three things that you can do to take care of that problem.

Floor Squeak

1. You can reinforce the board by using a finishing nail. The trick is finding the lose board. Usually, you can use the step test. Simply step independently on each board until you find it. If you don't want the nail to be seen, use a little liquid wood to cover the finishing nail head and hole. Wood putty is another option.

2. If the squeak is from a hidden joist under the floor. You need to put a small shim between the joist and the floor. This means going under the house or into the basement. It is not that hard to fix. However, you do have to locate the squeak.

3. Muff the chair or move it. You can place the chair on top of a throw carpet. The sound will still be there, but not as loud. Your other alternative is to move the chair to a new location.

Chair Squeak

If you have a chair that squeaks itself, then you have to repair it. Again, this is not that difficult to do. A chair, whether rocking or a plain wooden chair will squeak because of a loose dowel. The dowel is not secure. When weight is added, switched or lifted, the dowel will squeak. In most cases if you sit still, there will be no noise.

Sit the chair upside down on your kitchen table or work bench. With your hands, check to see which one(s) is loose. Do not attempt to remove it. Doing so can cause more problems. Use the products "Swell Lock or Chair Lock." These two items will swell he wood and make for a tighter fit. These two products will have a needle applicator. Just seal round the dowel area. The product will go into the low area. It will go all the way to the bottom of the hole and swell the wood tightly. This gets rid of the noise.

If you have dowels in the back of he chair, you might want to check those, too. You repair them the same way as you do the legs. Always follow the instructions on the label for the best results.

If you have a glider type of chair, the squeak could be caused by the grinding of metal. You just have to oil these areas. Again. turn the chair upside down and look for these squeaky areas. Apply oil. Do not use 3 and 1 oil. 3 and 1 oil is for rust protection, not lubrication.

Squeaky chairs can be annoying, but they can be fixed with a little effort.

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