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How to Stop Your Arthritis Pain With Raw Dairy Products

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Written by Marie Thomas   

Americans have adopted many bad dietary habits from myths masquerading as good nutrition; among them, the use of butter substitutes. Yet more than ever before, the population struggles with overweight, degenerative diseases, joint pain and osteoporosis. They even have to fight for access to healthy organic foods and raw dairy products, which are harder to obtain and higher-priced than universally-produced, additive-laden, nutritionally-depleted processed foods.

When family farms were right down the street, healthy individuals obtained raw dairy products (milk, butter, cream). But pasteurization changed all that, and within the next fifty years all forms of physical pain cropped up that were lumped into the category of 'arthritis'. Few recognized this trend, and those that did had little inkling of the cause.

In the mid-forties, Dr. Weston Price D.D.S., discovered a substance in raw butterfat (very rare today) from grass-fed dairy cows (even rarer) that explains why arthritis now runs rampant in America, where our businesses brainwash us to use margarines and eat low-fat diets. Happily, a few simple dietary changes back to the ‘old ways’ might just make your ‘arthritis’ (and even so-called incurable rheumatoid arthritis) just go away.


Lack of this butterfat substance called the Wulzen Factor, is a universal deficiency in modern civilization, just as arthritis pain has become nearly universal. If you are one of those people whose pain is caused by this deficiency, you can heal yourself with a few changes in your diet.

It might be difficult to obtain raw butter and dairy products, but if you can, it could be a simple key to your healing. Veal calves fed pasteurized milk for just two weeks showed leg and joint stiffness. Restoring butterfat to their diets cured their symptoms within another few weeks.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need: Raw Milk


Step 1.

Fresh Raw Milk

Read the literature on the Weston-Price web site. Sources of the substance our farming grandparents had in their diets daily began being called Activator X by Dr. Weston Price, and also 'the anti-stiffness factor’. Later it was named after Rosalind Wulzen, a researcher who continued to investigate its many properties. The only way to obtain this valuable substance is from raw dairy products, starting with raw milk. This web site provides a list of dairy farms in most states that are licensed to sell raw milk directly to consumers.

Step 2.

Start drinking only raw milk and getting your daily requirement of this substance you can't obtain anywhere else. Recently, using the same osteocalcin activation tests Dr. Price used, researchers identified the Wulzen Factor as a form of Vitamin K; not the usual vitamin K1 that is available as a supplement, but Vitamin K2, which is present only in high-vitamin Butter oil. This indicates that Vitamin K2 deficiency is universal, and that variations in K2 levels in a population just shows up the varying deficiencies. Those with the greatest deficiencies are those with weak joints and bones, and frequent ‘arthritis’ pain.

Step 3.

egg beater

Make your own fresh butter from raw milk. You'll be amazed at the rich flavor, completely surpassing the processed butter from the grocery store. Ingesting fat-soluble vitamins, specifically vitamin A, is essential for growth, proper utilization of minerals and water-soluble vitamins, as well as normal development of the brain and the nervous and reproductive systems. Add to this Vitamin K2 (high-vitamin butter oil or the Wulzen Factor) as a rich source of fat soluble vitamins and a necessary catalyst for all biological processes, this compound protects against degenerative arthritis, hardening of the arteries, cataracts, and calcification of the joints and the pineal gland.

Tips & Warnings

Very important: high levels of this substance are available exclusively in organ meats and raw dairy products like the deep yellow butterfat from raw milk or cream that come only from animals eating rapidly growing grass, and from sea foods such as fish eggs. It is also available in supplements, either liquid or capsules.

Vitamin K2 was discovered to have extraordinary healing properties, especially when taken with cod liver oil. (Nourishing Traditions (cookbook) by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.)

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble catalyst that helps the body absorb and utilize minerals, and plays an important role in brain and nervous system development, rebuilding of body tissue, repair of teeth and bones, and sex hormone production.


The Wulzen Factor (Vitamin K2) is not present in pasteurized supermarket dairy products because pasteurization destroys it. Only raw dairy products provide this health-giving natural pain killer for personal consumption or to make your own butter.


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