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How to Recycle Plastic Bags by Using Bags as Stuffing

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Written by Darlene Michaud   

How to Recycle Plastic Bags by Using Bags as Stuffing

Save your plastic grocery store bags and use them to stuff items!  You can use the bags whole or you can cut them into strips to stuff smaller items.  You can stuff many things such as toys, pet beds, and more! You save money by not buying poly-fil and you get to recycle plastic bags too! If you are using the plastic bags to stuff children's toys or pet beds or pet toys, be sure the toys are made so the children or dogs can't get to the bags because they can choke on the pieces of plastic bags. Use common sense. If you have a dog who chews his toys or his pet bed, don't use plastic bags as stuffing.  And if you make a toy for a child, be sure you make it safe and age appropriate, no matter what you use for stuffing.

Step 1:  STUFF PET BEDS: Take an old pillow case and fill it with bunched up plastic bags then close the opening by either sewing it shut or by using Liquid Glue (available where sewing supplies are sold). Your pet will love the crunchy noise the bed makes. When the bed is dirty you can just throw the whole thing away and make a new one! Or if you want to reuse the pillow case just cut the bed open, take out the bags, wash the pillow case, refill with new bags then close the pillow case again.

Step 2:  STUFF SCARECROWS: Not everyone has beautiful fall leaves readily available to make a scarecrow. So stuff your scarecrow with plastic bags instead! Save up bags all year long then use the bags to fill the pants, shirt and head of the scarecrow. It's a lot less messy than leaves and there are no bugs to worry about!

Step 3:  STUFF SOFT TOYS: Stuff small homemade toys with plastic bags. Cut the bags into strips to stuff small areas like the arms and legs of dolls. Use just a few bags to make a very floppy toy or stuff it with a lot of bags to make a firm toy. These toys are great for kids or pets! And the plastic bags make a bit of a crunchy noise which makes the toy more interesting! Make sure if you use plastic bags as stuffing for toys that the child or pet is not able to rip the toy apart and get to the plastic bags.

Step 4:  STUFF PACKAGES: Use plastic bags to stuff empty spaces in packages to keep a gift from shifting around in the box. Plastic bags are also a great way to protect items that are being shipping without adding a lot of extra weight to the box!

Step 5:  KIDS BOOTS: If you are handing down a pair of boots to a child but the boot is still a bit too big stuff a plastic bag in the toe of the boot to make the inside of the boot a bit smaller allowing for a better fit for the child. If a whole bag is too much cut the bag and use just a little of the plastic. Then let your child go out and play!

Step 6:  STUFF COSTUMES: Plastic bags are a great way to add some puffiness to costumes. Stuff bags in the upper arms and around the thighs to make muscles for a muscle man outfit. Fill a witch hat or a jester hat with bags to keep it standing up. Or fill the hem of a dress with bags to make the skirt stand out. And don't forget about Santa! Fill his belly with bags so his suit is not so heavy!

Step 7:  STUFF PURSES: Fill your favorite purses with bags when storing them for next season. This will keep the purses from folding over and making creases.

Step 8:  STUFF TALL BOOTS: Fill you knee length boots with bags to keep them from folding over while storing them. Like the purses, this will keep your fine leather or vinyl boots in good shape with no crease lines.

Step 9:  STUFF WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER: If you have a window unit air conditioner you can fill any spaces around the unit with plastic bags to keep the hot air out and the cold air in. Blocking holes with plastic bags also keeps the bugs outside where they belong. And the plastic bags won't fall apart or get moldy if they happen to get wet by rain.

Step 10:  STUFF SUITCASES: If you are traveling and find that when you finish packing your suitcase is not quite full just stuff the rest of the suitcase with plastic bags. This will keep your items from shifting around during travel and you'll have plenty of bags on hand during your trip for trash, dirty clothes, protecting souvenirs, etc.

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