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How to Make Some Spare Cash Recycling

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Written by Joey Halverson   

recycling bottles Hey do you drink a lot and just throw away your bottles and cans? Did you know you could be making 5 cents each can or bottle you throw away? I have been recycling for about a year as a little spare job i have, i am going to show you how to do it the best way. I have made over 200 dollars in recycling.

Step 1: Locate a recycling center near you.

Step 2: Make or buy some recycling boxes to throw your bottles and cans in to.

Step 3: Find a spot to put your recycling boxes or cans. I put mine in the garage.

Step 4: Organize your recycling cans, have one be for cans, one for plastic bottles, and one for glass bottles.

Step 5: Fill them up and return them for cash. I usually get around 25 dollars for every load i recycle.

Tips: Make sure you follow all of these steps to get the most out of your bottles and cans business.

Warnings: Make sure you know where the recycling center is nearest you.

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wltw said:

Great recycling tips to make money! Thanks!
April 13, 2010
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anointedtoday said:

This is a great idea. I take pop bottles back for deposits, guess I could do recycling too. There is a center near me.
March 04, 2014
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Bethany1202 said:

I save all my aluminum cans as well as canned good (steel) containers. I save them up for about 3-6 months then take them all at once to be recycled. It doesn't pay much but I am making money helping the environment. It's win-win!
November 09, 2014
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