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How To Save Money, Even During These Hard Times

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Written by LizzeWears   

Even in these hard financial times, here are a few simple ways to save.

Looking at the paper dollar dominations ($1.00 bills $5.00 bills, etc, look for your initials in the serial number.  Take that $1.00 bill and put it away. I did this for one whole year with the different dollar denominations and managed to save over $1000.00 for my vacation. For example, if your initials are S.B.T., and a $1.00 bill has the serial number of B12312312M, put that bill in a jar or separate banking account. When paying with cash, always use only paper dollar denominations and put the change back in a jar. When the jar is full, take to the bank and deposit into a savings account. When paying by checks and balancing your account, round the check(s) up to the next dollar amount. At the end of the month when balancing your checkbook, place the extra savings into a separate savings account. For example, say your check purchase is $26.42, when writing it in record, write the amount as $27.00, saving you $.58! I know people who round the amount up higher (i.e. $26.42 check amount recorded as $30.00). I’m not in a financial position to do that now, but someday I’ll reach that goal! If you use coupons or discounts when shopping or dining out, take the money you save and sock it away in a separate savings account. If you are a cigarette smoker, consider rolling your own cigarettes which is much cheaper. The difference of prices between purchased cigarettes and RYO is huge! Or just quit smoking and place that amount you’d usually spend in a jar. Watch the savings grow! If you usually stop at a convenience store on your way to work for coffee and a morning snack, learn to make your own at home. Another great way to save. Also consider the same if you buy your lunch at work. Pack your own lunches and add those savings  to your now growing savings. When payday arrives, take whatever cash and/or change is in your wallet/pocket and put in a jar or separate savings account. If you are lucky enough to receive a raise at work, take the difference of your new income versus your old income and place in a separate account. Grow from seeds your own vegetables and herbs in container pots. Use containers from thrift stores or garage sales. Or look around your house/garage. Sock away the amount you would normally pay for the veggies/herbs at a store.

These are simple, yet effective ways to save money. But this will not work and savings will not occur unless you dedicate yourself to doing it. You may say that you don’t have the time but consider this: We may get in a rush in the morning to get out the door, but yet find the time to stop and buy a coffee and such at a convenience store on the way to work. How much time are you really saving? We all are feeling the pinch right now, but using common sense along with these tips will help build your savings, no matter what you’re saving for! Good Luck!

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Some very useful ideas to save money.
March 20, 2010
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