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How to Remove Hard-Water Deposits on Aquarium Glass

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aquarium After your aquarium has been set up a while, you may begin to notice a hard abrasive film forming at the waterline at the top of the aquarium. This is unsightly and nuisance. You can scape it away with a razor scraper, but doing this will risk damage to fingers and the glass. There is an easier way and it's all natural and cheap. Below are the instructions for removing the water deposits on your aquarium glass.

Before starting remove some water from the aquarium. Try to remove enough that you have at least 2 - 3 inches to work with without coming in contact with water. The solution you're going to be using is not toxic per say, but is acidic in nature and this can have a detrimental effect on certain types of fish.

Apply some white vinegar directly to a paper towel and blot it on the hard-water deposits. Allow it to stand a few minutes if the problem is severe any reapply if necessary.

Don't panic if some gets into the tank, this should be handled just fine by the aquarium natural environment. You do not want to carelessly apply it though with a complete disregard to how much enters the tank.

Once the deposits are removed you can wipe the area down with a fresh damp paper towel before refilling the aquarium. This technique will also work on the aquarium hood to restore it a new condition as well.

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