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How To Spice Up Your Marriage Without Spending a lot Of Money

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Written by Sandi M Lewanika   

After several years of marriage it is very easy for things to become monotonous and just plain old routine. If you are bored with the way things are then chances are so is your partner.  Here are a few simple steps that you can take to spice up your marriage on a low cost budget.

Leave love notes - Stick love notes in your spouses’ briefcase or purse that reminds them that you love them and appreciate them. Even on plain paper the message will be well received loud and clear and no doubt brighten up your partners’ day.

Take the initiative - If you overhear them express a craving for a particular dish, or their desire to see an upcoming play then surprise them by making the meal or purchasing the theater tickets with out them asking. Taking the initiative on small tasks that your partner mentions will let them know that you hear them and care about their wants and needs.

Group effort - Find an activity that you can join and take part in it as a team with your spouse.  Bowling has been a popular option for years, but today there are so many other options for team sports.  Video games can be played at home any time.  Also, many local restaurants will have a quiz night with food and beverage specials.  Team sports and activities are a great way for you and your spouse to have fun as a team, which ultimately helps build a strong relationship bond.

Romantic Walks - It sounds too simple, but getting up off of the couch and taking a walk around the block can be a great break from the daily routine.  It provides exercise and excellent one on one time with your spouse to catch up on the day.  If you find you are too tired at night, maybe starting a morning walk will work better for you.

Turn off the TV - Many times our routine is set by the television.  Turn it off and turn on music to encourage conversation.  This can help break the tedious routines that we so often find ourselves stuck in simply because we are watching the same programs night after night.  Try switching it up with a radio show or music to break the monotony.

It doesn’t take tons of money to spruce up a dull marriage.  Following these simple steps can keep your marriage fresh and healthy.  In the long run, taking the extra time is well worth it for the happiness in your marriage.


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