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How to Stop, Slow, or Reverse Baldness Naturally

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Written by Jonathan Fletcher   

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The steps explained in this article will require at least one year of regular practice before you can completely reverse baldness naturally. Reversing baldness is considered to be incurable naturally. There are a lot of products in the market that promise to reverse baldness, but the truth is none of them work. About 90% of those enrolled with the programs conducted by Swami Ramdev in the art of Pranayama have their baldness and hair problems cured through performing these breathing exercises and yoga asanas for some other health reasons

Increase oxygen to the area of baldness. Do this by increasing the blood flow to the scalp. To achieve this certain doctors use multivitamin injections. However, this can be achieved naturally also. Here are steps for reversing baldness naturally and without any products. 

Step 1

Learn and practice the Kapalbhati pranayma and Alom Vilom pranayama through videos, text or any means available to you. Learn it properly. Perform each of these breathing exercises for at least 20 minutes in a day. It will increase the flow of oxygen rich blood to the scalp. The main problem people face is that they are never regular. Consistency is the secret ingredient for naturally reversing baldness.

Step 2

Learn and practice the yoga posture called Shirshasna or head stand. The Shirshasana uses the force of gravity to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals absorbed by the scalp. The blood flows more to the head than any other part of the body when resting in this posture of Shirsasana. It is quite difficult to master this asana and so it will require time and patience to master. Practice this head stand for 10 minutes daily.

Step 3

Learn and practice vajrasana or the diamond posture. Vajrasana clears the disorders in the stomach that contributes to hair fall and baldness. The problem of baldness always starts from the stomach. It is quite easy to perform this asana, though at the beginning you will feel a lot of pain. Practice vajrasana for 10 minutes daily.

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