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How to Build a Membership Website

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Create a website where users must become members in order to use the site's services. Users must sign up for the site and the site must record user information and store that information in order to access the site.

Determine what kind of membership site you would like to operate. Examples may be a portal, forum, or incentive loyalty site. Purchase and register the URL (web address) for your site using a domain name registration service. Find a web host who supports both the code format and database you are using.

Use a database program such as Microsoft Access to store your user's information. Include tables for user name, screen name and password as well as other bits of information such as address, city, state, zip code. Other databases like MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle may be used when accommodating a large user base.

Create the website using code that will talk to the database. Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages), .Net, Coldfusion, and PHP are also languages that will talk to a database.

When coding, you will need to design the pages to insert user information via a form into the database then again to display the user's information on the web page. The information that is displayed is pulled from the database tables and displayed on the user's browser page.

Create the code to also update and delete user information as well.

Allow users to create screen names and passwords so that their accounts are both unique to them and their personal information will not be seen or shared by other users.


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March 09, 2010
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