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How to Survive Being Raped

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Written by Beth Weston   

Intro: Nobody ever wants to think about what they would do if placed in a situation as a victim, such as being raped. But the fact is that many, many women are raped daily in the United States. There are things you can do during a rape to either get away or if you can't, gain enough evidence to convict your attacker. This article will offer suggestions on what to do if you are raped.

Step 1: The first step to get through a rape is to keep your focus. It's going to be violent, and it's going to hurt. Get through the situation as best as you can and try to pay attention to details. Look past the weapon to the man if you can. What does he look like? Does he have scars? Tattoos? What is he wearing? How tall is he? What color is his hair? What does his voice sound like? Get as much information as you can to convict him!

Step 2: The next step is to be assertive! Men target quiet, meek women for rape. They don't want you to be assertive! Use that voice God gave you as loud as you can! Scream "NO" and yell for help as much as you can. It's possible they will think you are just drawing too much attention to the situation and run away. Don't be afraid to be loud!

Step 3: The third step to surviving a rape is to FIGHT! Give it all you've got! If you do not have background in fighting, remember these few simple pressure points: the nose, neck, groin, knees and in-step. If you can inflict enough pain on your attacker, you may disable him enough to get away. If not and he continues, focus on getting DNA from him. Scratch him with your nails to get his skin under your finger nails. Bite him to leave a bite mark since your dental markings are unique. Pull his hair so you get some of it.

Step 4: The next step to survive being raped is to leave evidence you were there. If it is in his car, for example, bite the soft padded lining at the bottom of the windows so your teeth markings are left. Leave hair somewhere. Leave something that will put your body at the site for when the police capture the creep.

Step 5: The next step to surviving a rape is to take care of yourself. Go to an Emergency Room and get checked out. They will do either a vaginal or anal exam depending on the situation. You will be treated with compassion and respect. Hopefully, they will be able to attain your attacker's DNA from your finger nails, his hair or semen.

Step 6: While you are at the hospital, do a police report. The officer will be respectful and treat you kindly. Tell them everything you can about your attacker. Tell them what evidence you purposefully left at the site.

Sadly, the road doesn't end here for you. You will be dealing with the rape for a long time. Please see my other article, "How to Survive Rape and Move Forward with Life" for information on how to move forward after going through a rape. Best of luck to you.

Tips: If you go out with someone, make sure you have given his personal information to a good friend or family member.

Warnings: Don't hesitate to stop someone and ask for help if you feel threatened.

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ShirleyP said:

Wow....important information here.Good work. Rape is a reality that too many women face every day. Taking a RAD self defense course is amazingly empowering as well.
April 22, 2010
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