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How to Clean Somebody Else's House

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Written by Beth Weston   

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Intro: Cleaning somebody else's houseis a good way to bring in some extra money though you will definitely earn every penny with some hard work. This article will show you some easy guidelines to make your job a little easier as you clean someone's house.

Step 1: The first step in cleaning someone's house well is to talk with the home owner and understand their expectations. They may be looking for a deep cleaning of their home every week, but they may not be, as well. It's important to know what they want done on a regular basis. Some people will only want floors and basics done through the house. Others will expect everything to be spotless.

Find out if they want you to empty cabinets and clean out the cabinets every week or simply the outside. Ask if they want all of their windows cleaned every week or monthly. Finding out the details of their expectations will help you reduce your time and effort being spent on their house and also, ensure you are meeting their expectations.

Step 2: You will reduce your time and effort while cleaning a house by starting from the top and working down. Clean the fans (if they want them cleaned), the vents, mirrors ... all working your way down in each room. Do the house as a whole ... not one room at a time ... do all the glass, for example, in all the rooms and then all the wood, and the kicknacks.

Step 3: The last step in cleaning someone's house is to clean their floors. Make sure you know how they want them cleaned. If they have polished concrete floors, for example, you wouldn't use a cleaner on them but only water followed up with a dry mop.

Vacuum, sweep and mop all their floors on your way out of the house. By this time, you would have cleaned from the top down and finished with the floors.

Tips: Arrive on time to clean someone's house. No one likes to be kept waiting when they have a busy day already planned!

Warnings: Don't ever be tempted to steal from someone's house. The jail time is not worth the baubble! 

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