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How to Dye Daisies

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Written by Beth Weston   

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Intro: Anyone can send a special someone a bouquet of daisies and the person will think it was very sweet; however, if you really want to make an impact with daisies ... dye them! Not only will it show the person that they were special enough for you to take the time to dye each one, but they also make up a very bright, colorful and happy bouquet.

Step 1: To dye your daisies, start by buying some white daisies and some food coloring. Place the food coloring in vases for each color. Try to avoid mixing the colors if you want really bright primary colored daisies. However, don't be afraid to try mixing them in a separate vase and seeing what color your daisy might turn!

Step 2: Now, snip the bottoms of the stem of each daisy one by one with a pair of scissors. Cut them on a diagonal. As each one is cut, place the stem in the vase with a food coloring in it. You can put more than one daisy in the vase but don't overcrowd the vase or you might not have enough food coloring.

Step 3: You will notice that the petals on the daisy turn the color of the food coloring in the vase. In a separate vase, fill it with water. Then, put all of your daisies in the new vase to give as a gift. Please note that once the daisies hit the water, the food coloring will slowly begin to drain (over a couple of days). You want to make sure to give the bouquet to the recipient as soon as possible so the colors are as bright as they can be!

Tips: Use as many different colors as you can to dye your daisies. They are just stunning!

Warnings: Don't forget to deliver the daisies as soon as you can so they don't start fading from exposure to the water.

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