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How to Make Greeting Cards Using Pressed Flowers & Leaves

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Written by Jonathan Fletcher   

pressed flower cardĀ Making hand made cards is perhaps the most beautiful way to express your affection towards someone whom you care about. Purchasing a card, signing and sending it is simple, but those cards do not possess the beauty of hand made cards. There are many methods to make cards using different materials and innumerable ideas. One brilliant idea is using pressed flowers and leaves. These give a very unique look. Making cards is not as difficult as some people might think. Sticking to a few steps can do.

Step 1

How to press leaves and flowers?

As the name suggests, pressed flowers and leaves are those which are condensed in thickness by applying pressure for much time. A very common and easy way to do this is placing flowers or leaves somewhere in the middle of a thick book, like dictionary, for few days. They might get a bit crumpled or creased but do not worry, this is one of their unique characteristics.

Step 2

How to handle dried leaves and flowers?

Obviously, flowers and leaves die after being plucked from their plants and do not remain fresh for more than a few hours. So, picking them from the book might cause them damage very easily. Hence, great care need to be taken. Preferably, use forceps to pick and place them; the forceps should not have very sharp edges.

Step 3

How to keep them on place?

This is not a difficult job. Simply paste the pressed leaves or flowers where you want them to be on the chart, paper or whatever you use as the card using any gum or glue.

Step 4

Finishing and protection:

If you feel that your card is not looking very attractive, you are free to add more things like drawings or whatever you wish to include. Covering the pressed leaves and flowers is a very good suggestion if the card is to be kept looking nice for good time. Thin, plastic, transparent sheet can be easily made use of to cover the entire front side where you have pasted your pressed flowers and leaves.

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paul said:

This is a very cool idea to try when making homemade cards. Thanks for the tips.
February 22, 2011
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Peggy H said:

Peggy H
Nice. This is a great way to make a special card.
February 23, 2011
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donata said:

How creative, and very nicely done. I'd be willing to try this. Thanks for sharing 5*****
February 25, 2011
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