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How to Cleanse your Skin Without Soap

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Many skin treaters prefer not to cleanse skin by using soap. It is well known that soap tends to dry out the skin quickly.

This goes against how skin is suppose to be; skin is to always have to a degree some sort of natural oils present on its surface.

This oil is produced by the body as a way to protect it from drying out.

Use a face cleansing lotion that doesn't contain any type of soap essentials in it. They are good at chemically breaking down dirt, oil and dead skin.

Try using this after you have done a pre-rinse and wipe of your skin.

A good natural way to cleanse your skin and heal it is by using natural Aloe. Buy this plant from a plant store or get it from a neighbor's yard.

Use what you have in your home to cleanse your like a good bottle of hydrogen peroxide. It is cheap and it can clean deep into your pores as well as kill bacteria.

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Carl Benjamin
A very informative article.
March 04, 2010
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