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How to Buy Blackberry Seeds
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Written by Dena Bolton   

How to Buy Blackberry SeedsIntro:  Most people delight in the taste of fresh blackberries. Usually blackberry bushes and vines are grown from rootstock, which may not always be readily available in your area. In addition, you may want a certain kind of blackberry, either for its taste or for its size, that is also not readily available. Finding seeds for the type of blackberry bushes/vines you desire is much easier; however, growing blackberry bushes and vines from seed can be a little tricky; therefore, choosing the right types of seeds is the first step in growing your own blackberries.

Step 1:  Know what variety you are buying. There are two varieties of blackberries – cane and vine. If you want more of a bush, buy the cane variety. This variety requires little – if any – support. It will also give you the “bush” effect for which you are looking. It is also easier to pick the blackberries from the cane variety, plus it is easier to prune.

Step 2:  Look for stratified seeds. Blackberry seeds are slow to germinate. In nature, the seeds mature in the soil during the warm summer months, after which they need the cold of the winter months before they sprout the following spring. This is known as stratification. Many seed companies will first put seeds through what is known as a warm stratification (at temperatures of 68-86 degrees Fahrenheit) for 90 days followed by a cold stratification (at temperatures of 36-41 degrees Fahrenheit) for another 90 days. In other words, the seed company has done the first part of the germination process for you.

Step 3:  Look for seeds that are listed as “germination tested.” This means that after the stratification process, the seeds have been randomly selected, tested, and verified that they will actually germinate and sprout when planted.


•Always look for a reputable seed company from whom to buy your seeds.


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